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Foreign Trade & Marketing Service ltd


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​ Relevant information about the;

  • targeted markets

  • international exhibitions

  • local exhibitions 

  • basic company history checking

  • contact information of relevant companies

  • collecting data about the market prices and samples

Central hub
Central hub 



Air, vessel, and truck transportation for samples and full shipments. (for Turkish companies who want to export to other countries): research of target countries, contact information of desired companies, collecting data about the market prices and samples, visiting exhibitions on client






Catalogue, Web site support and translation services, Translation
​and printing catalogues in TR, website translation and organization

Take a closer look


Technical Research for Products, Information about customs procedures and necessary regulations. Importing samples and sending them to targeted companies, import cost including customs broker fee and local transportation, following orders, participation in exhibitions, organizing meetings and seminars. prepared printed materials for products, catalogues, inserts, leaflet.


More than work


Are you workaholic and missing all the beatiful things? That is where I am ready to give my service. You want to work during day and enjoy the city the rest of the day? Then my service is planning your business trip with pleasure for your interest. London is full of musicals, museums, attraction. Will organize tickets, bundles, museums, sightseeing, pubs and will accompany on request.​


A private guided tour for Edinburgh&Stirling for your interests. Scotland is full of nice things. It is best to visit when it is summer especially in Fringe Time.


Please visit my blog to see apply if you would like to have the same experience

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