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Foreign Trade & Marketing Service ltd

Why Polenist?

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Ms Fatma Şahiner, more than 20 years of local and international experience in the following sectors: 





Electronic goods (photo/video)


All these experiences will be within the clients reach to make sure that Polenist clients are served the best way possible.


The service will be fast, solution oriented, easy to manage and cost saver


2021- Polenist Foreign Trade & Marketing Services Ltd is opened in London, the UK

2015-2016 Polenist Foreign Trade Services served as sole trade office in Istanbul EGS Business Center. 



Building a bridge from London to the world, to connect the best manufacturers to the best markets. 



Valuable, trustable, flexible business model for the entrepreneurs

Polenist Foreign Trade and Marketing Consulting Service Ltd is a member of since September 2021

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